Building a new custom house means getting a blank slate that you can use to realize your dreams. If you take the process seriously, you'll have a house that can become a forever home, providing you with many years and decades of joy. While focusing on the structure is natural, your driveway is an equally important part of your new home.

An intentional approach to designing your driveway can allow you to create a beautiful, functional, and long-lasting driving surface. These three tips will help ensure that your driveway becomes a critical part of your new home and not just an expensive afterthought. 

1. Work With Professionals

Asphalt paving isn't an easy process, and designing an entirely new asphalt driveway from scratch can particularly complex. You want to work with professionals when designing important aspects of your home, such as your roof or HVAC system, so you should take the same approach to your driveway. In other words, selecting a paving contractor should be a critical part of your initial planning process.

Of course, the importance of working with a professional goes well beyond design. An experienced contractor will understand the correct materials for your driveway and how to install them to provide the most durable and longest-lasting surface possible. Your paving contractor will be invaluable as you plan your new driveway and fit it into your home's overall budget.

2. Think From the Ground Up

Many people think of driveways as simple surfaces sitting on top of the ground, but the reality is that an asphalt driveway is a constructed structure. Like any other structure, your driveway relies on its foundation. The lower levels of your driveway provide support and distribute weight, preventing the asphalt from caving in and helping you avoid costly premature failures.

The foundation is a critical component when installing an entirely fresh driveway for new construction. Foundation work typically involves excavating, grading, leveling, and compacting. These steps help to ensure your driveway has enough support to stand up to decades of use. When designing your driveway and planning your budget, always prioritize the costs of building a solid foundation.

3. Coordinate Your Landscaping

You want your new home to look beautiful inside and out. Working with a professional landscaper is a great way to create lasting curb appeal, but dropping your driveway as an afterthought can ruin your careful designs. Instead, consider your driveway an essential part of your home's hardscape. Designing your driveway with your landscaping layout in mind can help make it a beautiful part of your home.

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