No doubt you would want your pavement to last the longest time possible. But, proper pavement care after installation isn't common knowledge, and mistakes could damage your surface. So, use the guide below to keep your structure in good shape after a commercial asphalt paving project.

1. Don't Use the Work Area Until After 24 Hours

Fresh asphalt is vulnerable and susceptible to damage. So, wait at least 24 hours for your commercial asphalt paving to dry. Nonetheless, the time can vary based on the weather and the types of asphalt used, so ask your paving contractor to guide you. Finally, to minimize distractions, instruct the paving contractors to do your commercial asphalt paving project during less busy days to reduce distractions.

2. Drive With Care

Encourage your staff to drive carefully after the commercial asphalt paving project. Your paving contractor can also install speed limit signs and speed bumps to control drivers' speed. Otherwise, your new asphalt could develop scuffs, tire marks, and depressions in parts that haven't cured. Besides, damage such as ruts and dips hold water and debris, which cause additional harm to asphalt.

3. Clean Leaks and Spills the Soonest

Fluid leaks and oil spills happen, but you can stay on top of the problem with the appropriate care. The chemicals from fluids can eat away the binder of your commercial asphalt paving. Also, the liquids penetrate your pavement faster because a seal coat isn't available to slow the flow. So, clean spills immediately to avoid stains and damage compromising your structure's integrity.

If unsure how to do this, hire your asphalt paving company to undertake maintenance work for the asphalt paving they have installed.

4. Don't Apply Seal Coat Until Your Surface Cures

Asphalt takes at least six months to cure fully, so don't apply a seal coat before that time elapses. If you seal too soon, you trap chemicals that might interfere with the structural quality of your commercial asphalt paving.

You may also seal before the asphalt hardens. As a result, your pavement becomes more susceptible to imprints, cracks, and tire marks. Experienced paving contractors know this and can advise you accordingly.

5. Don't Drive Close to the Edge

The edges of your pavement are more vulnerable a short time after your commercial asphalt paving project. So, pressure can cause pieces of asphalt to disconnect and break off. Therefore, encourage staff to drive far from the edge by placing barriers that create a protective distance.

You get the most out of your commercial asphalt paving project if you adhere to the best maintenance practices. So, follow the above tips after a commercial asphalt paving project to maintain your structure's integrity. Not only will you get a longer lifespan, but you will also avoid frequent damages that lead to costly repairs.

If you are overwhelmed by other business tasks, a commercial asphalt paving contractor will gladly undertake the maintenance tasks.