Whether you own your business or just the building it resides in, the condition of the building and its exterior should be of big concern to your ownership. The appearance of your business or the building's structure is dependent on good first impressions, whether they are with the building façade, the parking lot, or both. So, keeping your asphalt parking lot and other paved areas maintained is essential to your business building. Here is some recommended maintenance for your parking lot to keep it in good condition in order to present degradation and damage that can put your business at risk of liability. 

Investigate Pooling Water

Anytime water pools on areas of your parking lot, there is a big cause for concern. First, when water is left on your asphalt pavement's surface, it will slowly seep into the pavement and cause further damage through cracking and pothole formation. Second, water pooling on your pavement means the surface is not level and there may not be appropriate drainage. An asphalt paving professional is a great resource to investigate the cause of water pooling so they can repair it.

Your parking lot needs to have a good drainage system, such as a proper slope to allow water to drain from its surface and off the sides into landscaping or gutters. You may also need to install interior water collection drains through the lot to properly remove snowmelt runoff and precipitation. If you need drains installed or the surface repaired to have a slope for drainage, your asphalt crew can maintain these qualities to your pavement to ensure it is successful.

Maintain Striping

Regular parking lot maintenance is essential for correcting damage, patching potholes, filling cracks, and applying a protective seal coat every few years. These maintenance tasks can extend the life of your asphalt parking lot for several decades. Additionally, as a big part of the parking lot paving maintenance, you will need to follow up with parking lot striping, which your asphalt crew can tackle for you as part of their services.

After any surface repairs have been applied onto your parking lot pavement, you will need to finish with repainting services. Be sure that all parking stall lines are painted appropriately with the required handicapped stalls required by the ADA and to provide the services needed for your customers. 

Watch Out During Winter

When your parking lot is exposed to winter weather conditions, more diligence needs to be put toward keeping its surface protected during winter, including repairing in a timely manner. This may require you to fill potholes and cracks during the cold weather months. However, a professional asphalt crew can ensure the repairs are completed and followed up on in the spring. When the ground is frozen, it can cause asphalt patching to not fully cure, so it is recommended to follow up in spring with a more permanent repair.

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