If you are looking for the best option for your driveway, there are some things that can point to a certain driveway material being the best fit for your needs. Sometimes, concrete may be best. Other times, it may be best to go with gravel. However, here are some things that tell you asphalt may be right and here are a few examples of some of these things:

You want to do as little cleaning as possible

If you like the idea of having a driveway that leaves you doing as little cleaning as possible, then you may find asphalt to be right for you. While concrete shows every bit of dirt and stains, asphalt can hide the dirt until you are ready to deal with it. If you have a gravel or a dirt driveway, you may get out of cleaning the driveway, but you will end up needing to wash your car more because the dust that kicks up onto the car when you are parking in your driveway will get the car looking dirty much faster. So, asphalt can give you the benefit of less cleaning. However, if you spill oil, that does need to be cleaned up because it will soften the driveway and lead to the need for repairs.  

You will have fewer repairs and cheaper repairs

Asphalt is both more giving and more forgiving than some other types of driveways like concrete, brick, and stone ones. The material that asphalt is made with allows it to have a small amount of flexibility that allows for soil drying, soil swelling, and even earthquake movements that could significantly damage other driveways. This means asphalt is one of your best choices in order to avoid frequent and costly repairs. 

You can have a brand new looking driveway with a little routine maintenance

While many other driveways will start to show their age and not give the homeowner any way to get them looking new again, aside from full replacement, asphalt is different. When you notice your asphalt is starting to look lighter in color and beginning to show its age, you just have to have someone come out to do a routine seal coating and it will look brand new again. Not only will the seal coating give it a fresh look, but it also keeps it in good shape; fending off cracking and other types of damage.

If you're considering asphalt for your driveway, talk to a paving contractor to make sure it's the right choice. Need a suggestion to get started? Consider Mariotti Site Development Co Inc.