Projects, projects, and more projects: as a homeowner, there is always room for improvement and always something needs to be done. If you are moving outdoors to begin working on projects in the yard and on your property, some of those projects might include residential paving. The following ideas may help you decide what to tackle first and how you might want to complete each of these.

Walkway to the Front Door

Chances are that, when you bought your home, there was a paved walkway to the front door. It is a pretty standard feature, but that does not mean it is a "pretty" feature. Over time, this walkway also becomes cracked and uneven too, which is dangerous for visitors and potentially expensive for you.

If you want to tackle your walkway, you can start by pulling up the old boring concrete slabs and evening out the ground underneath. You may even want to "mudjack" the ground so that the new walkway cannot sink, crack, or become uneven over time. Mudjacking creates a very solid soil surface onto which you can construct a walkway or other concrete surface. Finally, you may want to beautify the walkway by adding red bricks or smooth, flat river stones. Talk to your contractor about a few different looks.

Stone Path through the Garden

A stone path through the garden does not, at first glance, appear to need paving. You might be surprised to learn that a contractor will add a little flat concrete under each stepping stone so that they are all uniform in level. This allows you to walk on the stones without slipping or stumbling to this side or that.

Steps down, Steps up

Whether you need steps down into a cellar or steps up into a doorway, paving contractors are the ones to call for that. It takes a bit of doing to create the stepped rise and run pattern of concrete steps. A contractor has to build a sort of box first and then create the step inclines along the way.

The Pool Deck

Speaking of steps, there is also the decking that is usually attached to such steps where pools are concerned. If you install a pool in your backyard, you will need a paving contractor for both the steps and the pool deck surrounding the pool. The only exception to this rule is when you opt for an above-ground pool.