Asphalt maintenance is a necessity and inevitable when you are a homeowner with a paved driveway. And it is good to keep your home exterior looking sharp with a clean and well-repaired paved area. Here are three methods you can use to restore your asphalt driveway while saving you some money or helping to save the environment.

Paving with Recycled Asphalt

When old asphalt material is torn up from roads and other surfaces, it normally ends up in a landfill as waste. However, recycling asphalt prevents used asphalt from gong to the landfill, and instead, grinds it up into an asphalt aggregate for you to use as materials for your new asphalt driveway. Check around your area for local asphalt companies that provide this type of recycled material.

Recycled asphalt is less expensive than using all new materials, saving you money on your paving project. And using recycled asphalt helps to reduce the use of the earth's natural resources and keeps excess waste out of the landfill.

There are a couple ways recycled asphalt can be utilized. When old asphalt is ground up, it can be mixed with new aggregate and asphalt binders to then be poured into your asphalt's new surface. You can also request your local asphalt company to use 100 percent recycled aggregate for your pavement. When they pour this ground up mixture onto your driveway site, it is compacted together so it hardens into a solid surface.

Resurface Existing Pavement

Another way to help save you money is to hire a professional asphalt crew to resurface your existing pavement. This can take the place of replacing your entire asphalt, especially when the base layers of your asphalt are still in good condition. Resurfacing is a great option if you have have your pavement resurfaced several times in the past without removing any existing layer, as this can lead to a thickening of your asphalt's foundation.

During a resurfacing of your asphalt driveway, crews grind off the top layer of the asphalt and remove it for recycling. Then, a new layer of hot mix asphalt is poured onto the grounded surface and compacted into place. This process gives your asphalt a flexible surface layer that looks brand new.

Apply Sealcoating Protection

Sealcoating is another less costly method to preserve your asphalt's existing foundation layers by restoring the flexibility, appearance, and moisture barrier of your asphalt driveway. It is also helpful when your asphalt's surface has begun to dry out from sun and weather and is showing signs of crack formation. Talk to a professional asphalt company, such as Mariotti Site Development Co Inc, about sealcoating and its cost for treatment.