Asphalt patching is just a fact of life. No technology exists that creates a roadway, out of any material—not cement, gravel, or asphalt—that won't ever require repairs. Highways, streets, roads, and even your driveway take a pounding from heavyweight vehicles perpetually driving over them.

Additionally, the climate will wreak havoc on the paving materials and roadways. Whether it is the climate extremes common in the northern regions, which can cause roads to heave and buckle, or the extreme heat of the southwest, the weather plays a big role in requiring road repairs. Here are three things to keep in mind when it comes to caring for your paving in a winter climate.

Seal Your Cracks Each Autumn

Some people think spring is the time to seal cracks, but it is actually better to do crack sealing in the fall, especially in areas with severe winters. Sealing the cracks will prevent water from sinking down into the cracks and then the substrate, the surface bed of the lot, road, or driveway. Filling the cracks will also help keep them contained; it's much easier to fill a crack than it is to deal with the pothole that results from ignoring it. Filling the cracks is also important from a safety standpoint. Cracks, especially if they are hidden under ice or snow, easily becoming tripping hazards. Be sure to hire a professional to come out and take care of this routine maintenance on your parking lot or driveway. The cracks should be hot sealed, not cold sealed, which is the type of paving material you will find at your local home improvement store. That is not a suitable material, and you want your investment to last, not throw money away.

Hire A Professional Snow Plow Service

If you want your driveway or parking lot to last as long as possible, you don't want the snow to pile up. You also don't want to just hire some guy with a plow on his pickup truck to come and scrape your asphalt, either. A professional service with a professional driver and commercial-grade plow will be best for ensuring your asphalt paving doesn't get torn up. You may have a spot or two come spring to patch, but at least it won't need re-paving like it would if it weren't plowed properly.

Get Periodic Sealcoating

Sealcoating not only protects and smooths the surface of your lot or driveway, it also gives it a darker sheen. This black color will absorb more heat, which means snow and ice will melt faster.

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