If you recently had an asphalt service install a pathway that snakes through your property so you can enjoy the view of your land without walking through grass, you are most likely enjoying this convenience. To help keep your pathway in the best possible condition, it will be necessary to take a few steps in its maintenance. Here are some tips you can use to ensure your newly installed asphalt pathway continues looking like new for as long as possible.

Clean The Pathway Often

If you fail to remove debris that settles upon your pathway, the path will be prone to premature damage. Debris will cause the pathway to become faded at an uneven rate, as the sunlight will only be able to shine down on specific portions of the asphalt. It can also cause moisture to accumulate in these areas, leading to weakening of the asphalt as a result. Use a push broom to remove any twigs, dirt, or leaves from the asphalt regularly. A garden hose can be used to wash off dirt as well.

Protect The Pathway From Wear

Make it a priority to avoid using any type of heavy machinery near your pathway. Pushing a lawnmower or driving an ATV over the asphalt can cause it to become damaged from excessive weight. Use a weed-wacker to cut grass on each side of the walkway rather than risking getting a lawnmower too close to the area. It is also best to apply a layer of sealcoat over the asphalt. This will give it a dark coloring that many find to be pleasing in appearance. Sealcoat will also act as a barrier against potential damage from moisture.

Make Repairs Quickly So They Don't Escalate

If you notice a portion of your pathway that has become damaged in the form of cracking or crumbling, an asphalt repair service can be called to fill in the areas appropriately. You can attempt to fill in smaller voids with an asphalt cement if you wish, but this may alter the appearance of the pathway after it dries. Many find that adding sealcoat after making repairs to an asphalt service will hide flaws from view rather nicely. Evaluate the condition of your pathway often so any damage present does not become worse. Failing to make repairs in a timely manner can lead to a larger problem that will cost more to fix.

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