If your small business has an asphalt sidewalk leading up to your door, you will undoubtedly want to take the necessary steps in keeping it safe for everyday use. It is important to tend to any damaged portions immediately to avoid having someone become injured on your property. Simple upkeep will also keep it looking its best. Here are some steps you can take to keep your asphalt sidewalk usable on a daily basis.

Evaluate The Condition Often

Do not let several days go by without taking a close look at your sidewalk. Make it a priority to walk down it yourself while inspecting it for areas with damage. If you notice spots needing repair, place a small cone next to each spot so customers know to avoid this area as they step on the surface. Handle the repairs right away to minimize the risk of injury to someone on your walkway. If the damage is extensive, place a sign on the sidewalk indicating that customers should walk on the grass to avoid injury. 

Clean The Sidewalk Regularly

Keeping your sidewalk clean will help keep it free from damage. If you allow debris to remain on the surface, water can become trapped under it, leading to deterioration as a result. The area will also be a different color from the rest of the sidewalk.The area with debris in place will not fade at the same rate as the remainder of the walkway. Use a garden hose to wash off debris from the surface every few days to keep it in the best shape.

Fill In Damaged Portions Effectively

When you notice a spot where a crack is present, take the time to repair it right away to keep it from becoming bigger. Push pieces of crushed stone into the crack to help give the area some stability. After this is in place, cover it with rubberized cement. This can be purchased from a hardware store. Spread it evenly over the crack, allowing it to drape over the edges to seal the stone inside. This will harden, allowing the sidewalk to be utilized without worry.

Revitalize With A Protective Layer

Adding an asphalt sealant over your sidewalk will make it stand out in appearance while giving it the protection needed to avoid future damage. This can be easily applied with the use of a sealant tool which has a broom on one side and a squeegee on the other. Once the material is in place, it will need to dry for a full day without having people walk upon it. The result will be a walkway in a darker hue, with a smooth surface that is free of cracks.