Being a homeowner is not always that easy, especially when it comes to upgrading. You usually have so many options to choose from, and narrowing it down to a final decision that you are completely satisfied with can take quite a bit of research and analysis. If you want to make a change to your landscape, you should think about adding flagstone paving. It is an ideal addition, as you can use it all throughout the front yard and backyard with a walkway to the front door, around the yard, and to create a patio space.

Make a Base with Sand and Gravel

If you decide to lay the flagstone on your own, which is not always that easy, you are going to need a base of sand and gravel. Since the paving pieces that you get will not be perfectly even, you must use the sand in a strategic manner to create an even surface across the entire walkway or patio space.

Turn Cracks into Part of the Look

Since flagstone pieces are irregular, you will naturally have cracks. It is a chance to use these cracks to your advantage, such as making them part of the look by growing moss or grass in between the pieces. Adding greenery will give your landscape extra color, while still maintaining full function.

If you were to get concrete paving, getting cracks over time would make for an unattractive look. Concrete is also more susceptible to cracking, as it uses large slabs, whereas flagstone paving uses many pieces.

Think About Heat Retention

Whenever you install paving, whether it be concrete, flagstone, brick, or another material, you must consider heat retention. If you plan on having a patio cover, heat will not be a concern. However, if you intend on going without one, you should think about distancing the patio from your home, mainly to prevent the heat retention from making the inside of your home warmer as well.

By taking advantage of the suggestion to grow greenery in the cracks of the flagstone pieces, you can reduce how much heat is retained. Heat is fine, but it can keep you from enjoying the patio on a hot, summer day. A viable alternative is mulch, which will also minimize the heat gain.

Creating a beautiful landscape is easier to do when you make use of beautiful flagstone. But, handling such a project on your own is not easy to accomplish, especially with how heavy the pieces can be. Getting professional assistance can provide you with a professional-quality upgrade to your home.

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