Your parking lot is more than just a place for your customers to park, it is also one of the first faces of your business that your customers see and experience. This is why it's vital that you lot is perceived as clean and safe. While you may not think of parking lots has attractive places, there are things you can do to up their appeal. The following tips can help.

Tip #1: Make a Clean Sweep

Regular cleaning of a lot is vital. Daily maintenance should include sweeping the lot and picking up any garbage that ends is on any islands or medians in the lot. At least once per season, hire a street sweeper to deep clean the lot, or do it yourself with a pressure washer. This will remove any stains or residue, such as from chewing gum. An added benefit of a clean lot is that people may not be as tempted to litter if they would be the first to throw out trash.

Tip #2: Manage the Holes

Asphalt lots will eventually develop cracks or holes. These may be more common in late winter and spring, when fluctuating temperatures cause ground expansion and retraction cycles. When sweeping the lot, make note of any cracks or developing holes. Your asphalt company can usually fill this with an asphalt patch if they are caught early enough. It's best to go professional, especially in areas where customers drive, since they are more likely to create a smooth patch that won't create any jarring bumps for cars driving over it.

Tip #3: Use Islands Wisely

If your parking lot has islands, this is the key to making the lot more pleasant. For dirt filled islands, plant tall slender trees or fill them in with mulch and small sub-shrubs. Avoid big bushy shrubs – not only do these collect blowing garbage, your customers may not want to park next to something that someone could hide behind. For concrete islands, opt for large concrete planters filled with flowers or decorative grasses. If all you have are light poles, make sure they are kept painted and in good repair, and then use decorative signage or hanging flower pots to add some eye-catching and decorative color.

Tip #4: Keep It In Good Repair

The single best way to prevent damage is through parking lot sealing. A seal coating company will put down a weather resistant seal that will help prevent fading, cracks and potholes. How often this needs applied depends on the weather in your area and the amount of traffic your lot sees. Before getting your seal coat, check that your parking lines are in good condition. If they have begun to fade, first have the lines repainted and then have the lot coated. If the lot is becoming extremely cracked or pitted, have the lot resurfaced – which is where a thin layer of fresh asphalt is laid over the old – and then have the lines painted and the lot sealed.