Paver lighting is available in a variety of brightnesses, allowing you to add lights that are not blinding and that help to add to the overall appearance of the yard. In order for you to be entirely happy with the new lighting in the paving for your yard, consider the following ideas.

Get Lights Built into Paved Stairs

An effective way to reduce the chance of falling when walking around outdoors in the evening is by getting lights built into the paved stairs. When stepping down the stairs, you will not need to guess where the next step is, so you will be able to get around much safer. The lighted stairs can also help your guests get around your property with confidence since they will have a safe passage for going up and down.

Create Illuminated Pathways

Another good way to ensure that the lighting outside is implemented with safety in mind is by adding an illumination pathway. While lights staked around the walkway or tall lamp posts along the paving will work, you can get the lighting installed into the paving instead. With the added safety and attractiveness of paver lighting, your walkway will stand out and help improve the curb appeal of your home as well.

Light Up the Patio Space

Along with lighting up the walkways around your yard, you should also focus on lighting the patio. Whether you enjoy using the patio space for dining with friends or relaxing outside with a good book, you will want to improve the appearance of the patio with lighting that makes it easy to get around.

Instead of needing to add lighting throughout the yard for optimal illumination, you can rely on just paved lighting in the patio area so that you can get the ambiance you desire.

Make a Lighted Border

Along with adding a few paved lighting stones to illuminate the patio and walkways, consider including a lighted border as well. Lining the patio area with paver lights can help provide some extra light for the over area and define exactly where the patio space ends.

Implementing more lighting in your front and back yard can be confusing if you are not sure where to add the lights. With the above ideas for paving lighting that can be done to the walkways and patio, you can get the look you want without adding tons of unnecessary lights throughout your yard. Talk to a paving contractor, like Quast Paving, for more ideas.